About Us

The Northfield Garden Club was founded in 1950, and since that time has provided garden club members with educational opportunities in all aspects of gardening and floral design.

In addition, the club maintains a number of sites in Northfield, including the planters and gardens at Bridge Square and the Pergola area in Riverside Park.  Activities of the club include monthly meetings, sponsored events (such as
tours of Northfield gardens, bus trips to Minneapolis gardens, and plant sales).

The Northfield Garden Club endowment administers a small grants competition to support a wide variety of gardening, beautification and horticultural projects in the Northfield area.

The membership year of the Garden Club starts in January of each year. Dues are $15 a year for a basic membership. Contact Erika Tallman at 645-6613 for information about membership.

With membership you are also entitled to a reduced rate subscription to the Northern Gardener, the magazine published by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.

The club is administered by a Board of Directors, whose membership is elected annually.  The Board includes a President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

As a tax deductible organizations, all gifts to the club are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Northfield Garden club is affiliated with the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.

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2020 Board of Directors:

President: Elizabeth Olson
Vice President: Donna Jackson
Secretary:  Mary Jones
Treasurer: Sharon Detert