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Photos 2015

 Garden Club 2015 Officers (Front: Erika Tallman, Pres., Marcia Walters, Past Pres; Back: Elizabeth Olson, Treasurer, Richard Collman, Sec'y, Carolyn Sanford, VP)

 Erika Tallman presents $1,500 to Alice Thomas from "Save the Depot" for landscaping
 Erika Tallman presents $3,000 to Margit Johnson from  the "Friends of the Library" for landscaping
 Anna Risan Fairy Garden

 Anna Risan Feb. 10 Talk: Fairy Garden 

 Anna Risan Fairy Garden

 Donna Maus Planting Pansies
 Garden Club Members Planting Pansies

 Pansy Planter in Bridge Square 2015

 Sue VanEeckhout At Work 

 Bridge Square Garden Club Work Crew 2015

 Digging Plants for the Plant Sale
 Barbara Rippley Digging Library Plants for Sale

 Library Plant Dig Work Crew

 Jim Cederberg at Library Plant Dig

 Linda Wagenbach at Library Plant Dig

 Lorraine Rovig at Library Plant Dig

 Plants in Dan Hudson's Truck

 Riverside Park Butterfly Garden
 Riverside Park Butterfly Garden

 Riverwalk Gazebo with Hydrangeas donated by GC

 Pergola Mulching July 2015

 Lu Lindstrom, Judy and Mark Code Mulching

 Barbara Rippley and Others Mulching

 Some Flower Arrangers at Aug. 2015 Meeting

 Arrangements for Millstream Commons

 More Millstream Commons Arrangements

 Bridge Square Fall Work Crew

 Wreath For Donation to Millstream Commons

  Some  Wreathes Created at Nov. 2015 Meeting
 Margaret Ludwig's Wreath

 Linda Wagenback and Barbara Rippley working at Bridge Square Fall 2015

 Donna Maus et al Bridge Square

 Lu Lindstrom Working at Bridge Square

 Unloading Greens Bridge Square 2015