2014 Landscape Partnership Program

The 2014 Tree Project is a continuation of the Landscape Partnership Program begun in 2012. The current project is again a collaborative effort among the Northfield Garden Club, Knecht's Nurseries, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT), and the City of Northfield. Funding for the project comes from a $4000 grant from Northfield Shares, a $10,000 award from MNDOT's Community Roadside Landscaping Partnership Fund, $2,000 from the Northfield Garden Club, and more than $4,000 in-kind donations from Knecht's Nurseries. On September 22 and 23, 2014,  Knecht Nurseries' personnel planted 74 trees along Highway 3 under the supervision of Leif Knecht, owner of Knecht's Nurseries and Tony Wotzka, landscape architect from MNDOT. The tree species planted along the highway include elms, maples, oaks, hackberries, serviceberries, lilacs and flowering crabapples. Garden Club and community volunteers mulched the trees on Saturday, September 27. The Garden Club will oversee weeding the trees for the next two years and will pay Knecht Nurseries to water the trees for two growing seasons. This major tree-planting effort has greatly enhanced the beauty of the northern gateway to our city.

The Northfield Garden Club is grateful for the support, participation and approval of Northfield Mayor Dana Graham, City Manager Tim Madigan and the City Council, 
Joe Stapf, Brian Erickson and Jasper Kruggel in the City Engineer's Office, who were the city's coordinators for this project, the Northfield Streetscape Taskforce, T.J. Heinricy and his crew from the Northfield Streets and Parks Department and Tony Wotzka, Scott Pass (District 6 Representative) and the MNDOT personnel who worked with us on this project.

Pictures from the Project:

 Before the Planting
 Digging the Holes

 Ready for Planting
 Planting a Big One
 The First Trees
 Leif Knecht and Tony Wotzka Direct
 Ready for Planting
 More Trees
 Mulching Crew on Saturday, Sept. 27
 Alice Thomas Hard at Work
 Lu Lindstrom and Barbara Rippley Mulch
 Richard Collman and Elizabeth Olson
 Erika Tallman and Donna Maus
 Lots of Empty Mulch Bags
 New Planting for Welcome Sign Funded by Garden Club