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Children's Pollinator Gardens Educational Kiosk

Northfield Garden Club children’s pollinator garden memorial six-sided educational kiosk was installed in Riverside-Lions Park as of Monday, August 28.

The Dotty Swan memorial fund allowed this kiosk to become a possibility.

Additional memorial funds in the names of Sue Van Eeckout, Corrine Heiberg, Lynne Pfister Lamp and a gift from former NGC president, Jerry Nord let it become a reality, along with additional grants provided by Northfield in Bloom, Northfield Shares and the City of Northfield.

2023-08-28 13.56.24.jpg
2023-08-28 13.56.33.jpg
2023-08-28 13.56.53.jpg
2023-08-28 14.01.09.jpg
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