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What is the Garden Tour?:

Each July, selected homeowners in the Northfield area open their gardens to the public. This garden tour is organized, advertised and hosted by the Garden Club. This is a ticketed event, the proceeds from which go to support the grants program and other charitable activities of the Northfield Garden Club. 


Tickets are $10 and available at each site, just start at any address below:

2024 TOUR  July 13th & 14th 11am to 4pm

1. Jō-Ryō-En Japanese Garden—

715 2nd Street E
Jō-Ryō-En—the Garden of Quiet Listening—encourages
visitors to set aside the distractions and stresses of
everyday life. View the garden from the shelter or the
benches adjacent to it; imagine it as a picture on which
you focus your mind. Though small in size this garden
at Carleton College is one of the top Japanese Gardens
in the US. The garden celebrates its 50th year since
inception by Bardwell Smith and David Slawson. The
garden construction was completed in 1976. Currently
the garden is maintained by a dedicated group of
volunteers and Amy Voight.

Artist: Andrea Turini—Jewelry (646) 530-4274
I am a local designer who creates classically elegant
beaded statement jewelry that is comfortable and easy
to wear. I balance bold colors with unique contrasts to
create pieces that seamlessly transition between seasons
and styles. My designs use the highest quality Japanese
seed beads and Swarovski crystals. They are unique and
timeless pieces that coordinate and compliment your
outfit, mood and lifestyle.

2. Laura & Mark Heiman —501 Washington Street
The George Loomis House (built 1856) is Northfield’s
oldest home, and once sat alone high on the 500 block
of Washington. Having reclaimed the corner property
split off in the 1950s, we wanted to restore the house’s
inviting connection to downtown while creating livable
outdoor space rich with flowers, garden patches, and
fruit trees, framed with local stone and historic touches.
Come see our collaboration with Ryan at Landscape
Dreams in its first full year of growth!

Artist: Laura Heiman—Glass Flowers | (612) 598-6194
Meadowglass is my creation. I craft hand-blown glass
flowers in my Northfield studio. Choosing from a wide
range of delicate, unique, colorful blooms, create your
own floral arrangement perfectly suited for a loved one.

3. Nancy Huppert & Mike Paulsen—
1320 Honey Locust Dr.

When we moved into our Northfield home, it was
surrounded on all sides by sod and a single maple tree.
I cut a small crescent from the sod and planted a few
perennials. Over the years, I’ve expanded plantings
throughout my front and backyards to include more
native shrubs and flowers. Last summer I removed the
grass from one of the boulevards to further reduce the
lawn. I really enjoy the semi-wild look in my garden
and love to observe the plantings change over time as
they produce combinations that are usually far more
beautiful than anything I’ve planned. It’s become my

Artist: Sharon Draeger—Landscape, Nature &
Wildlife Photography | | (612) 207-2247
Nature feeds the soul - it can lift your spirits when
you’re down and give peace when all around is
chaotic. My photography features a variety of work
- beautiful hand-painted b/w photographs that
are reminiscent of another time, traditional
landscapes from my travels and experiences
in all 50 states, and intimate portraits
of animals and nature. My images are
available as matted prints (ready to frame),
stretched canvas, acrylic, metal,
and now glass.

4. Lori & Jamie Moore—2408 Pepper Ridge Ct
We purchased this home in August of 2018 with overgrown
shrubs in the front, no rain gutters, and no additional
landscaping. The south side was steep and uneven due to
erosion, and the space under the pine trees was extremely
rutty, which was all very difficult to mow. We created a “rock
river” following the natural flow of the water and ran drain tile
from the rain gutters which emptied into the “river.” We filled
in the surrounding space with low-maintenance perennials,
tore out the overgrown shrubs, put a new retaining wall at
the front of the house, reduced the north/south slope, and
completed the landscaping around the house.

Artist: Craig Swenson—Pyrography | (507) 581-6466
I use pyrography and colorful wood stain to make beautiful
pieces of art on wood. Pyrography is wood-burning, an old art
form. The earliest extant pyrography artifacts are from Peru
and Roman Britain and date back well before the First Century
AD. These objects were created using fire-heated metal rods,
of various thickness and point size, which were applied to
the wooden surfaces to produce beautiful art. Enjoy the
wonderful wooden cutting boards, plaques, plates, jewelry,
and more that I create.

5. Elizabeth Olson—2412 Pepper Ridge Ct
I keep removing grass to accommodate new “rooms” of
gardening interest. Note xeriscape garden on a concrete
slab that requires little or no maintenance or watering. SW
corner berm showcases river birch, Fat Albert blue spruce,
and larch behind an arborvitae. Mini-rain garden located off
the porch downspout houses an unusual Russian cypress on
standard, Japanese forest grasses, and Rocket Ligularia. Nine
terraces replaced the backyard lawn and feature Japanese
lilac, charming pagoda dogwood, columnar crimson spire oak,
unique weeping pea shrub, nannyberry, river birch, Colorado
blue spruce, and a red oak. Take the path up through the
daylilies and note the neighbor’s rock river garden.

Artist: Rebecca Tolle—Oil Painting
508 Division St, Northfield, MN | (952) 261-3691
Growing up with access to lakes, creeks, and woods and now
the beautiful prairies in MN, nature has always been a lifetime
passion. I am an oil painter who is adding cold wax medium
to some of my paintings, enhancing the depth, textures, and
layering of color. I incorporate the “construct, deconstruct,
and re-construct” process of merging subject matter into
the background. It is exciting and spontaneous, allowing for
the painting’s own voice and rhythm to come through which
results in the beauty of nature.

6. Barbara Zaveruha & Glen Castore—
5873 145th Street East

In 2003 we built on a 74-acre parcel. 60 acres were in a
conservation easement which had been planted in native
grasses and woods in the early 1990’s. We put an additional
12-acres in native grasses and flowers in 2004. We try to burn
10 to 15 acres a year. The burning has a significant effect
on which grasses are dominant. The walking paths are a bit
uneven – tread carefully.

Artist 1: Barbara Zaveruha—Pottery
Prairie Creek Pottery, | (507) 664-9002
My aim is to make useful pots, in lovely colors, referencing
the prairie landscape. Then from the materials I take from the
earth— clay and ground-up rocks—I create the conditions in
which they can express their potential for beauty. I make high-
fired stoneware for its strength and durability, and glaze with a
palette of colors that do not depend on toxic compounds.

Artist 2: Jim Ericksen—Metalworker/Blacksmith
I’ve been a welder for 30 years and a hobbyist blacksmith
for over half that time. I enjoy making art out of metal and
demonstrating blacksmithing to the public. Stop by and see
how much fun it is to play with fire.

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