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Northfield Garden Club Constitution


Article 1 Name: The name of the organization shall be the Northfield Garden Club.

Article 2 Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to advance the art and science of horticulture and to encourage all forms of gardening, home and civic gardening, flower shows, and to increase the pleasure derived there from.

Article 3 Members: Any person interested in gardening may become a member.

Article 4 Officers: The officers of this organization shall be president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and a past president.

Article 5 The Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall consist of the duly elected officers.

Article 6 Meetings: The annual meeting of this organization shall be held at the October meeting. Other meetings shall be held as specified in the Bylaws.

Article 7 Tolerance: This organization shall always remain non-sectarian and non-political.

Article 8 Amendments: This constitution may be amended at any meeting, a quorum being present, by the vote of two thirds of those present and voting, providing the proposed amendments have been read at the previous meeting.

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