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The many programs and activities of the Northfield Garden Club would not be possible without the active involvement of many members. Thank you for volunteering your time and talents.

Bridge Square / Work Crew Committee:

This group is in charge of maintaining the plantings of Bridge Square in downtown Northfield. This beautification work continues throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Work crew volunteers receive an email whenever work needs to be done in one of the parks or public areas overseen by the Garden Club. Participants come to help when they can.

Hospitality Committee

Greets members at monthly meetings, hand out name tags, provides refreshments if applicable.

Northfield Area Garden Tour Committee:

This tour of local gardens, one of the major fund-raising events of the Garden Club, is open to the public. This committee organizes, advertises and hosts the two-day event, which is held each July.  Proceeds from the tour go to support the grants program and other charitable activities of the Garden Club, including plant purchases for the public spaces NCG maintains.

Program Planning Committee:

This committee arranges the programs for the monthly meetings of the Garden Club. Members of this committee serve as lead hosts for each of the monthly meetings and chairs the meeting committee.


Marketing Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for publicizing club events, web & social media outreach.

75th Anniversary Planning

2025 will be our 75th anniversary, planning to acknowledge this milestone.

Information Action Committee

Attending City/County planning meetings that affect NGC work.


Audits NGC books annually


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