Grant Guidelines


The Northfield Garden Club has two types of grants: Beautification Project Grants and a Master Gardener Scholarship. Application forms are attached.


1. Beautification Project Grant Guidelines (adopted October 11, 2005)

The Northfield Garden Club is a permanent endowment created to benefit the people of the greater Northfield, MN area. The club will accept and administer gifts from many sources to help meet needs within the community. Grants will be made available for a wide variety of gardening, beautification and horticultural projects in the Northfield area.

Disbursement of funds is directed by the Fund Development Committee (FDC) and the Board of Directors of the Northfield Garden Club. All grant applicants must submit a completed grant application prior to October 1 with the Chairman of the FDC. After review, the FDC will forward its recommendations by November 1 to the Board of Directors of the Garden Club who will forward its recommendations to the membership for final approval. Awards will be granted in December for a duration not to exceed one year.

The Northfield Garden Club reserves the right to respond to emergency community needs.

The Northfield Garden Club operates without discrimination as to age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, or national origin in the considerations of grant requests. The club is committed to variety and balance in the kind, purpose, and size of the grants awarded. Grant applications are encouraged to explore matching or supplemental funding.

Download Form:  GardenCluubGrantReportForm.doc


Download Form:  gcgrantapplication.doc



2. Master Gardener Scholarship


The Northfield Garden Club provides a $100 scholarship for those individuals who complete the Rice County Master Gardener Program. The application form is attached below.



Download Form:  mastergardenerform.doc